Philadelphia's Tria Taproom adds new concept: roast beef and ale to-go

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Staying in business these past few months has been all about the pivot, and the ability to reinvent on the fly.

Tria Taproom specializes in wine on tap and small bites.

When dining rooms shut their doors in March, the space at 20th and Walnut Street stayed empty for months.

A few weeks ago, they came back with a fun pop-up concept: comfort food and cans of beer to add a little fun and nostalgia to these uneasy times.

"Our three businesses are bars, they are, by definition, places where people are physically close together," says Tria founder,Jon Myerow. "So for at least a period of time, our business model is completely obsolete."

Right now, those bar stools are empty.

"I just didn't want to see the space lying shuttered for months and months. I think the longer you keep a place closed, the harder it is to reopen," Myerow says.

A few weeks ago, he reinvented the concept. He's serving comfort food and canned beer through the window.

"We're looking at any way we can to stay relevant and have some fun with some experimentation," said Myerow.

He calls it "Joyride Beef & Ale," roast beef and fried chicken sandwiches and brews.

"I was thinking that a lot of us probably miss being at our local tavern where we have a hand-carved roast beef sandwich and a great IPA," Myerow says.

You can still get Tria's wine in to-go glasses, and there's a takeout cocktail program, too.

The canned brews are a first.

"This is the first time we've actually had cans of beer in the building," Myerow laughs. "One of the reasons we chose this concept was to have some fun, which we've been sorely lacking over the past several months."

They also brought back outdoor dining and are now preparing for what the green phase might look like.

"I mean, how do you make people feel comfortable in a bar when only half the bar is full, and there's nobody at the next barstool next to you to talk to? We will throw everything against the wall, and see what sticks."

They will take one day at a time and measure the space, and the comfort level of customers.

Tria Taproom is also offering beer delivery within a two-mile radius of Tria taproom.
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