Villanova University warns students after video shows large gathering on campus

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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Freshman students at Villanova University seen gathering in a large group on Wednesday night.

VILLANOVA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's a short clip, but it is making its rounds online. Freshmen students at Villanova University were seen gathering in a large group on Wednesday night.

"It was on south campus. It was a lot of people. I saw it in person, thought it was kind of crazy," said freshman student Jack Garvey.

Tuesday and Wednesday were move-in days for the incoming freshmen.

"There were so many people when I looked out my window. A lot of people were wearing their masks. All the upper classmen were like, 'Look at those freshmen!' People were all doing their best, but it was a handful of people who weren't wearing their mask," said Preston Muñoz.

Before the gathering, Villanova shared a message Monday from one of the most recognizable faces on campus, Coach Jay Wright.

"We know, it's Villanova. We love to party and nobody does it better, but not this semester. We have to get through this pandemic together," said Wright in a pre-recorded message.

After campus security broke up the crowd, the community was reminded about the new regulations in an email from University President, Father Peter Donohue. The message in part said students "will be sent home" if they don't abide by safety guidelines.

"I think we all learned, we can do better," said Kaya Robinson.

The university has supplied students with their own folding chair to use during group gatherings, masks and a sanitizer kit.

Students say they want to stay on campus. So, they'll do what they have to.

"We're fortunate enough to go here and stuff, all these schools are closing, so keep your mask on," said Muñoz.

The large gathering was not a welcome party or in any way associated with the university, officials said. The remainder of on-campus students are moved in as classes both in-person and online classes begin on Monday.