How to get special video messages from Santa this socially distanced Christmas

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- So many things look different this year, the holidays included, but there's one thing a pandemic can't cancel: magic.

There's a new clever and unique way Santa is visiting with kids: a socially distant, yet special way.

Santa tells Action News this year the need for joy and normalcy is more important than ever.

While he may be old fashioned, he's giving Zoom life a try, now coming straight into your home with personalized videos just for your child.

He knows that we've been spending more time at home and that many kids will miss the chance to see him in person.

"Santa has been around for a long time and he's so accustomed to face-to-face, touch and hug," Santa says. "This is a new world, and it's a new situation, so we live with it. The important thing is that it gives us a way to reach the children."

Parents, if you want to set up a special video with Santa, they are offering 30% off your order with the special coupon code: WPVI.
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