Woman allegedly killed daughter to keep her from having sex

ORLANDO, Florida -- Police say a mother in Florida stabbed her young daughter fifteen times to keep the girl from having sex.

But the child was just 11 years old, and a family friend told local media there was no indication the little girl was sexually active.

WESH-TV reports, 11-year-old Aleyda Rivera would have turned 12 in just a few days.

Bianca Fernandez is a very close family friend and says Aleyda's grandmother is devastated.

Fernandez was in this house on Citadel Drive in Orlando when she says Aleyda's mother, Rosa Rivera, showed up close to 8 a.m. banging on the door.

"She tried to barge in. Pushed her out, locked the door. The little girl was in the car at the time," Fernandez said.

She says a relative talked to Rivera and then the mother and child left.

At that point Aleyda was fine. But she returned a short time later.

"She came back a second time, and dropped the body," Fernandez said.

But she says Rivera loaded Aleyda back into the car and left.

Later the sheriff's office says Rivera showed up at Winnie Palmer Hospital where staff found Aleyda had been killed.

According to a criminal complaint, Rivera admitted to stabbing her daughter in the car because "she believed her daughter was having sex with men, because she smiled different."

Fernandez says Rivera and Aleyda had moved to Orlando from Texas in December and her family had welcomed her.

Her mom had even been paying for her home and car, but she says nothing of what Rosa claimed about sexual allegations was true.

"Since she's been here she's just been going crazy," Fernandez said.

The mother is now behind bars being held without bond. She is facing a charge of first-degree murder.