Man arrested after being caught on camera stealing packages from Wynnefield home

WYNNEFIELD (WPVI) -- Police say a man has been arrested after being caught on surveillance video allegedly stealing high-priced electronics from the front porch of a home in the Wynnefield section of Philadephia.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon on the 5400 block of Woodbine Avenue.

"It's almost like you're looking at the guy in his face," said Sue Slawson, theft victim. "You can identify him, you can pick him out of any picture."

The video shows a delivery man dropping off two Amazon boxes containing electronics.

A couple hours later, a man approaches the door, waits for nearly a minute, then kicks a box before cautiously picking them up and hiding them in his jacket.

The brazen daylight theft is a blow to Slawson's sense of security.

"It's frightening. Somebody in my family could be coming home. My mother could be walking up on the patio," said Slawson.

Slawson bought the high-definition camera set after her family's home was burglarized last year.

She tells us Amazon refunded her the costs of the tablet and iPod that were stolen.

Slawson says she's going to do what police advised, which is to have those packages delivered to her place of employment or pick them up at the post office.
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