Oops! NFL star J.J. Watt breaks kid's bike in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WPVI) -- It's an annual tradition at the Green Bay Packers' summer training camp: the big men of the NFL ride young fans' bikes to practice at Lambeau Field.

And talk about a big guy on a little bike!

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said he dreamed of taking part in the event since he was a little kid, according to Storyful.

Watt finally got his chance to participate, but his large frame was clearly too much for one fan's little bicycle.

The seat quickly collapsed underneath Watt, forcing him to toss the bike over his shoulder.

"The bike that I was using was not equipped for a 290-pound man, and the seat broke off," the NFL star said. "We have purchased a new bike for the boy. So, I apologize for that."
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