6 Minute Meal & Deal: DiBruno's Chocolate & Cheese Board

The Meal: DiBruno Brothers is known for its cheese. Emilio Mignucci, a 4th generation owner and the Vice President of Culinary Pioneering shows Alicia Vitarelli how to create what he calls a 'very sexy' Chocolate & Cheese Board for Valentine's Day or any date night of the year.

Chocolate & Cheese Board

Cremeux Citeaux
Rare Bird
Tomme Brulee
Colston Bassett stilton

Other Ingredients:
Nocciolara - chocolate hazelnut spread
Cinnful cocoa pecans
Amarena Cherries
Lick My Spoon - white chocolate orange cardamom bar
Mighty Bread Chocolate sour dough boule

Assembling Your Board:
Start with a smear of your Nocciolara on the board. That will become the focus of your board

Emilio Tip: Nocciolara is a hazelnut chocolate spread made with olive oil that comes from a very small mom & pop producer like his grandparents in Italy. Emilio describes it as "Nutella at its best."

Next put down the Cremeux Citeaux

Emilio Tip: The cheeses should be arranged on the board in the order that you will eat them. And you always want to start with a soft, creamy fresh cheese. The Cremeux Citeaux is a triple cream, cow's milk cheese.

Next add your Rare Bird Cheese

Emilio Tip: This is a washed rind cheese bandits where you start to get a little more savory in flavor. Emilio says you want to mix cheeses from around the world and use a variety of milks, styles and textures.

Next add your Brabander, an aged gouda made with goat's milk

The Tomme Brulee goes on the board next. It's a sheep's milk cheese.

Emilio Tip: The rind of this cheese is edible. It's torched so that the cheese gets a little caramelized on the outside.

Finally add your Colston Bassett Stilton

Emilio Tip: This is the best blue cheese to serve with chocolate. As you eat closer to the rind, you'll get bittersweet chocolate notes. Emilio says parts of the rind are edible but avoid the areas where there is wax.

To complement the cheeses, add a spoonful of Amarena Cherries right beside the triple cream cheese at the head of your board and drizzle some of the cherry syrup onto that cheese

Emilio Tip: Keep the jar of cherries on the side so you can add more as you go

Drop chunks of the white chocolate orange cardamom bar around the board

Emilio Tip: The bar is made in Venezuela and has strong ginger spice undertones

Add the Cinnful cocoa pecans in an arced fashion around the interior side of your cheeses

Emilio Tip: These are housemade in DiBruno Brothers Nuthouse, pecans toffeed with cinnamon and cocoa. You can be artful here or you can just drop them on the board randomly.

If serving with bread, Emilio recommends the Mighty Bread Chocolate sour dough boule. It's a small batch South Philadelphia baker that makes the country style bread for DiBruno's

Emilio Tip: The bread will keep for a week. You can pair it with the cheeseboard and then make french toast with the leftover loaf.

Add a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy

Emilio Tip: Choose a sparkling wine or something on the lighter side

The Deal: 10% off all DiBruno locations, including the new Alimentari: Upstairs at DiBruno Bros. if you mention you saw the segment on 6abc.

Offer good in-store only, February 12-16, 2020

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