Fire burns down home a week after tornado hits it

MIDDLETOWN, Delaware (WPVI) -- The tornado that raced through Berton Court in Middletown, Delaware tore off roofs and windows, but that was just the beginning of the misfortune for the Capers family.

"The outcome is nobody is hurt, everybody has their health," said Jerome Capers.

The wind blew the smell of smoke to Capers as he looked at the ruins of everything he owns.

Exactly one week after the tornado ripped off his roof, Capers was staying in a hotel while the rest of his family was in New York, and he got an alert on his phone.

"Drove to the house, opened the garage, there was smoke coming out, opened up the door and the fire was right there," he said.

The state fire marshal says an electrical malfunction on the first floor and when it sparked, neighbors came running out, dumping water on the flames, but it was too late.

"You really see people's true colors and you really know that's what this world's about and that's what this community is about," said Rosalie White, who started a fundraising campaign to get the family on their feet. "We started the campaign the evening of the fire and within 14 hours, we reached and surpassed our $5,000 goal."

No amount of money can replace the charred memories of this home, but for the Capers, it's humbling to know how much their neighbors care.

"I told my wife, she started crying," said Capers. "People I don't even know calling. God bless all of them.
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