ACCT Philly's P.E.T.S. Fund helping pets, pet owners during the pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- ACCT Philly is Philadelphia's only animal care and control provider. During the pandemic, they've seen so many additional needs arise, especially people who simply can't afford to care for their pets anymore.

A new fundraising effort they set up to help those who are struggling, was just used to help treat a dog they are trying to reunite with its owner

ACCT's Animal Protection Officers rescued the female chow mix Monday. They found her injured on the train tracks near West Berks Street.

She was wearing a collar without any tags, but they believe she's a missing pet and they're now searching for her owner.

It's all thanks to their new P.E.T.S. fund that they were able to treat her.

"We would not have been able to help Sarah get the care she needed," said Sarah Barnett from ACCT Philly.

"She would have had to have gone for rescue, which drastically reduces the chances of her going back to her owner. If no rescue had come forward, we might have had to euthanize her. But we have the P.E.T.S. fund, which allows us to pay for that medical care that she needed. It's now at around $3,500. We are giving her that care while we're continuing to look for her owner," added Barnett.

ACCT started the P.E.T.S. (Philadelphians Empowered Through Support) Fund last May. The money helps reunite pets and people.

It also helps families trying to surrender pets get the resources they need to keep them.

"Any support people can give is really appreciated and will go a long way," said Barnett.

Last year, ACCT's budget was slashed by nearly $900,000. They are truly running on community support.

They're also really working to get the word out about the importance of micro-chipping. If Sarah had one, they would easily find her family.

They are still searching for her owners. If she looks familiar, contact ACCT Philly.

For more information or to donate to their P.E.T.S Fund, visit:
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