2nd Annual Action News Mornings Awards: Recognizing the viewer and your achievements this past year

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- This year the awards go to you!

Yes, the Action News Mornings Awards are back and this time we are recognizing you the Action News viewers!

We are spotlighting your incredible, creative, inspiring, and heartwarming stories since last March.

This past year was unlike any other, but the Action News viewers were there to take care of their families, friends, and neighbors.

So sit back and enjoy the 2nd Annual Action News Mornings Awards - complete with a very special musical act.

You can watch the full awards show in the video player above - or hit pause and watch category by category below! The choice is yours.

Jessica Boyington Welcomes You

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Action News Mornings Awards. Your host Jessica Boyington is rolling out the red carpet and getting things started!

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Jessica Boyington is rolling out the red carpet with a preview of this year's Action News Mornings Awards.

Creative Characters

Presenter: Matt O'Donnell

An Oreo creme portrait of Jim Gardner? Playing music on a bike pump? Pizza via a pulley system? It doesn't get more creative than this!

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It took a lot of creativity and imagination to get through the past year and Matt O'Donnell has a few of the 'Creative Characters' who wowed us all.

Amazing Kids

Presenter: David Murphy

Kid Superintendent, Leave Me Alone Girl, and the Birthday Lawn Bandit are in one word: amazing.

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David Murphy takes a look at all the Amazing Kids who prove you can make a difference no matter your age.

Remarkable Pets & Animals

Presenter: Karen Rogers

Pizza Groundhog had a lot of his animal friends getting camera time this past year. These are just some of the remarkable ones.

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Karen Rogers presents this award for all those "Remarkable Pets & Animals" who got through this past year one paw at a time.

Morning Moms & Dads

Presenter: Tamala Edwards

Work and virtual learning? Parenting during a pandemic definitely deserves an award.

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Parenting during the past year has been anything but easy, but Tamala Edwards has some of the 'Morning Moms and Dads' that were up to the challenge.

Resilient Business Owners

Presenter: Matt Pellman

Outdoor dining? Curbside takeout? Online only? Business owners had to redo their game plans and their resiliency was extraordinary.

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Matt Pellman recognizes the Resilient Business Owners who have had to think fast on their feet over the past year.

Hometown Heroes

Presenters: Corey Davis & Katherine Scott

These men and women set out to make a difference in the community and, in return, the community showed its appreciation for their heroic efforts.

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Corey Davis and Katherine Scott are putting the spotlight on some of our 'Hometown Heroes,' those who make a difference in their community.

Musical Act: The Action News Band performs "Move Closer to Your World"

(Matt O'Donnell, George Solis, and David Murphy)

If you thought we could have an awards show without a musical act, you'd be right, (check out the 1st Action News Mornings Awards). But this time, we did not disappoint when it comes to the musical portion. Get ready to call The Action News Band your favorite new band!

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It's everyone's favorite theme song performed by everybody's newest favorite band!

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