WATCH: 1st ever 6abc Action News Mornings Awards

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020
6abc Action News Mornings Awards 2019
The 6abc Action News Mornings Awards 2019 takes a fun-filled look back at the year that was.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Happy New Year!

The Action News Morning team is ringing in the new year with 6abc viewers by taking a look back at some of the fun they had this past year.

In 2019, Matt O'Donnell, Tamala Edwards, David Murphy, and Karen Rogers battled each other in a Breakfast Draft and a spelling bee, welcomed 'Good Morning America' to Philly, jammed with some 'Office Rock,' went on a search with Detective Pikachu, and a whole lot more.

But one thing they didn't do was hold an awards show. Until now.

Welcome to the first-ever 6abc Action News Mornings Awards!

Below you will find the categories and nominees. In the above video, you can watch the ceremony and see who won.

Thanks to all the Action News Morning viewers for a memorable year together- and we'll have more fun ahead in 2020!


Matt O'Donnell playing Drums

Jeanette Reyes' 'Big Hit'
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Jeannette Reyes scores a hit off the Phillie Phanatic: As seen on Action News at 6 a.m., March 28, 2019

David Murphy's Handstand
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David Murphy takes part in #handstandsforpancan at the Preston and Steve Show. Watch the report from Action News Mornings on April 24, 2019.


David Murphy

Karen Rogers

Karen Roger's Son Kevin

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Karen Rogers' son Kevin gives the forecast for April 25, 2019.


Tamala Edwards sees 'Pumpkin Spam'
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Pumpkin spice Spam sold out: as seen on Action News Mornings, September 24, 2019.

Tamala Edwards and Karen Rogers as Superheroes versus Villains

Matt O'Donnell, Tamala Edwards, and Karen Rogers Imitating Emojis


Karen Rogers as a 'Spelling Bee Contestant'

(Watch Full Spelling Bee In Two Categories)
Matt O'Donnell as 'Mr. Rogers'
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The Action News Morning Team spreads some kindness for 143 Day in PA.

David Murphy as 'Rocky'
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Action News' David Murphy channels his inner 'Rocky' in preparation for the Thanksgiving Day forecast, on November 21, 2019.


Matt O'Donnell and Jessica Boyington play Jenga

Matt Pellman tells his Best Dad Jokes for Father's Day

Katherine Scott Swims in Marshmallows at Fashion District Philadelphia


Matt O'Donnell wins the Breakfast Draft
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The Action News Mornings Team picks their favorites in the first ever Breakfast Draft.

Tamala Edwards wins the Spelling Bee
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The Action News Morning Team holds its own Spelling Bee.

Karen Rogers Launches a Weather Balloon into Space
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The 6abc Weather Balloon launches in Berks County on May 9, 2019.


Detective Pikachu
(We'll leave the rest of the nominees a surprise)
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Detective Pikachu's Throwback Thursday Adventure with the 6abc Action News Morning Team.