Good Samaritan helps pay for stranger's groceries at Montgomeryville Costco

MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The acts of generosity during the coronavirus pandemic continue to astound many. Recently, a good Samaritan stepped in when a college student was unable to pay for her groceries.

With schools shuttered due to the coronavirus, Shirley Schombs asked college student Emily Dossick to get groceries for her at the Costco in Montgomeryville earlier this week.

But when Dossick went to pay for the groceries, the card was declined.

"I put my credit card in and it said declined," said Dossick.

Dossick said just when panic started to set in, a good Samaritan came to her rescue.

"I walked away and came back, that's when the cashier said someone had paid for my order," said Dossick.

Tomiko Johnson was that someone.

"I said to (the cashier), 'How much is their bill?' (The cashier) quoted me the amount and I said, 'I'll pay for it,'" said Johnson.

Out of nowhere, Johnson charged almost $200 worth of groceries and quickly disappeared into the parking lot.

"I ran up to (Johnson) because I had no idea who it was, and I just said 'thank you,'" said Dossick. "She was like, ''Don't worry about it, just pay it forward.'"

Schombs was blown away by the gesture.

"It literally took my breath away. I had to stop and think, 'Am I understanding what Emily is telling me?'" Schombs said.

On Friday, Schombs met Johnson and insisted on paying her back.

"And Tomiko said 'No. It's a hard time, everyone's going through something.' I even got a little emotional," Schombs said.

Still floored by the gesture, Schombs shared the act of kindness on social media hoping to encourage others during the era of social distancing.

"It's just nice to be able to show the better side of humanity. I think what's even more heartwarming for me is that Emily got the chance to experience it firsthand," said Johnson.

"I feel like you hear about this at maybe in the line at Starbucks and not something $180 worth. It doesn't happen every day," said Dossick.
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