Romantic reunion 66 years later

June 23, 2008 5:21:58 AM PDT
Two sweethearts who lost contact after their courtship was interrupted by World War II have had a happy reunion 66 years later.

They were brought together by the chance discovery of two long-lost vinyl recordings of Christmas wishes to a young soldier.

It's a long story, but the bottom line is a happy reunion and who knows what next.

Shirley Kerber, now 84, arrived on 87-year-old Don Spooner's doorstep in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, Saturday.

She wrapped him in a warm embrace and gave him a kiss.

She had flown in from Arizona and says she felt like "the years had just disappeared."

There were no tears but plenty of smiles, and a few jokes about needing an oxygen tank.

Spooner says he'd have recognized her anywhere.

He says she has the same eyes, adding, "We've both got all our teeth, too."

The two lost touch in 1942, when Spooner went off to war.

Things are going well; Shirley has delayed her flight back to Phoenix.