Man breaks into home, assaults woman

July 14, 2008 11:08:11 AM PDT
An intruder with a knife ordered a South Philadelphia woman to perform a sex act or die. Her only choice was which one. To protect the victim's identity we are not releasing her name or the exact location in which the attack took place.

The victim thought she was dreaming... she awoke around 6 a.m. to a man standing at the end of her bed. "He had a knife like a kitchen knife," the victim tells Action News.

The intruder asked if he could lay down. "I believe he had another person. I just didn't see him... It was scary, very scary."

She says she tried to keep her composure. Her only thoughts were on her sister and her friend who were inside the house but asleep. A few minutes passed, which seemed like hours.

At knifepoint he gave her an unthinkable choice: Perform one of two sex acts

"I was violated. I'm a good person. It was either me cooperating or me gone."

The suspect or suspects stole a laptop, a phone, and some cash, then fled on foot.

The victim says she'll never be the same. She's speaking out to help try and catch the sexual predator and prevent other woman from being violated.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's gruesome, it's grimy, it's shady, it's something you have to be heartless to do."

Police say there have been several sexual assaults similar in nature in that area of South Philadelphia, but so far investigators have not connected them.

The victim says police will begin work on a sketch tomorrow.