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Here is Erick Macek's biography…

"Alright, so I've gone through many biographies of informational bragging and so I've decided to turn the tables and write one on my own. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it all started at about age 5 when my pops kind of made me learn the accordion. (I think it was to follow in his footsteps) See, coming from a strict Slovak background (that'd be eastern Europe) I was raised with polkas and waltzes as my first major influence. So throughout my childhood I was thrown multiple instruments and told "figure it out" as there became a need for it in our ethnic, rockin' family band. (WARNING: slight use of sarcasm) As my 2 older brothers sang, danced and played their instruments ... I became sort of a guinea pig being able to pick up and figure out anything my dad threw my way. By age 6, I played the accordion, harmonica, recorder, keyboard, sang and danced. And a few years later took trumpet lessons. I have to say that I was a natural favorite around the grannies!

Being a teenager and dealing with typical peer pressure, I really became embarrassed of music started shying away. I suddenly became a jock being born and bred to become a soccer/hockey athlete. (once again, following in my fathers footsteps ... (My father once being a semi-professional soccer player in Austria) and suddenly … our household started becoming Americanized where sounds went from polkas and waltzes to Helloween and Stryper with a final compromise of Abba.

By late high school, I was dead set on becoming a professional athlete, but still couldn't concentrate on one thing as I competed in baseball, football, cross-country, but my main focus was on soccer, ice hockey and volleyball. Received multiple accolades, awards and potential scholarships. Being torn by my father who wanted me to become a professional soccer player and train in Austria and my mother who constantly harped on education and strived to make our lives better as I was only the 2nd Macek born in the United States, a medial meniscus tear in my left knee senior year of high school opened my eyes at a whole new level. And soon after, somehow ended up performing in a musical called "Crazy for You" my senior year and was chosen "Rookie of the Year" as no one knew I could sing/dance.

On to college where the my first real musical influence hit me like a ton of bricks ... a man by the name dave matthews made me want to pick up the guitar and just "jam" ... or maybe thinking that it would help my chances with the lady gender. Whatever the case, the seed had been planted. Music had made an ironic full circle back into my life and by my 2nd year of college, my dad bought me my first Washburn acoustic electric guitar and the rest is history. (side note: Plush by STP was my first riff ever learned)

After graduating and moving on as a graphic designer, I continued to write and write and write, but was very shy behind the mic. I remember recalling before a performance, I usually had to have a "few" drinks ... as I was asked many times how I could perform while hammered (I use that term loosely)...

2005-literally, was the year where "it" all began. I decided to record an album, create a website, make a press kit and, really, create a music identity. Then, an event happened that changed my life forever, the AMTC talent competition. I received a scholarship to compete amongst thousands in Orlando, Florida. Shy as ever and so nervous that my throat almost closed ... I sang my heart out and to my surprise won the prestigious "Overall Singer" award, which in my mind was proof that I have "something."

This confidence led me to take another big chance in my life as I packed my bags and headed to Southern California. One opportunity after another piled on and continue to pile on as I've performed at events such as the Sundance Festival, Academy Awards gifting lounge, SXSW and venues all over Southern California at a consistent basis. I was also nominated for, and won "Best Male Vocalist of the Year" at the Los Angeles Music Awards. I've also met, performed and hung out with many great musicians, major label acts and so on, but rather not use there name to boost up my bio. I'm an honest singer/songwriter and I have an obvious passion for this thing called music. I'm always learning and I'm always being inspired and "life always happens" ... I'm taking on that ride and hope to leave something behind for people to relate to, learn from and communicate with ..."

Please enjoy the performance video from his show at The General Lafayette Inn

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