Mysterious packages in Pa. turn out to be gifts

YORK, Pa. (AP) - August 23, 2008

It was one of several dozen gift-wrapped presents found Wednesday morning by residents of a neighborhood in Spring Garden Township near York.

"We've almost been conditioned to be suspicious," said one of the residents, Marla Price.

Police say they think the gifts are nothing more than an act of kindness from someone who lives in the neighborhood. One neighbor, Tony Foster, suspects it may be a group of people working to establish a neighborhood association.

Price, who had been using chalk on an art project, received a piece of chalk. Another neighbor who had been painting at home found a gift-wrapped paint brush.

Two neighbors got bungee cords - one of whom lost several of them from his truck while hauling part of a tree and another who used some recently while loading up a car to take his son to college.

Other neighbors got children's clay, pencils, a plastic dog bone, a golf ball and a can of Miller Genuine Draft beer.

"I think that we have forgot about little gifts and how important little gifts are," Price said.

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