Brewing your own beer can save you money

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 10, 2008

However, if you have plenty of time and patience, you can save money by brewing your own.

So says award-winning brewer George Hummel... Owner of Home Sweet Homebrew in Center City.

Hummel says, "Most of your craft beers are probably running you $30 to $35 a case these days. Whereas, with our beginner kit for about $38, you're making two cases of beer."

To brew your own beer, you do have to make an initial investment in equipment. Hummel sells a beginner kit with everything you need for about $70. The deluxe version -- which replaces the plastic bucket with a glass bottle -- is about $90


He likens buying the equipment to stocking your kitchen with pots and pans, so that you can eat at-home, instead of paying for restaurant meals. It's a one-time investment that will save money in the long run.

You'll also need ingredients. A box with all the basics -- including sugar, hops, malt extract and yeast -- costs $38.

Detailed instructions are included as well. Basically, though, you boil the ingredients in water for about a hour, let it ferment, bottle it a week later, and then wait about a month to enjoy your beer.

If you enjoy home-brewing as a hobby and can stick with it through several batches, you gain experience, you can start experimenting with different flavors. But if you're don't have time and patience, this might not be the money-saving tip for you.

Here is the link for Home Sweet Homebrew

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