4th arrest made in "Spike Strip Vandals" case

July 22, 2009 5:03:21 AM PDT
Police have arrested a fourth man in the case of the "Spike Strip Vandals" in Buena Vista Township. Police say at least four men booby-trapped Tuckahoe Road with home-made metal objects at night.

Pieces of sharp metal were being put in the middle of the highway, just waiting to cause major damage to the vehicles that go over them.

It happened to Benny Andreoli, a Vineland plumber who had the oil pan of his Ford Expedition punctured last month.

"There was something in the road. I thought it was like a metal chair. I tried to avoid it... I couldn't have hit it any better," Andreoli said.

Benny's fiancee, Janin Regalbuto, says it was frightening.

"A bus was coming at us and it was swerving into our lane to avoid what was in the road," Regalbuto said. Since October there have been several incidents like that, late at night, damaging a dozen vehicles. On one night nine of the wire objects were strewn across the road.

As State Police demonstrated, rolling over the bent metal propels its sharp prongs into the undercarriage of a car--causing big repair bills and serious danger.

"It's not an accident, it's being done on purpose and it's being done either for their amusement or to cause damage," said Det. Fran McGovern.

More than a dozen cars were damaged.