3 arrested after officers witness hold-up

STANTON, Del. - September 17, 2009 Investigators say seven New Castle County Police Officers were assigned to a community stabilization assignment at the Woodfield Apartments.

At 11:06 p.m., the officers watched as three men walked toward a white van that was parked in the 4600 block of Patrician Blvd. Police say one of the men had his face covered with a blue bandana and apparently had a gun in his hand.

Then, police say, the trio tried to rob a man in the van. The driver later told police he was threatened with both a gun and a knife. He was able to speed away, and officers started to chase the suspects. Intially they were able to escape.

While searching for them, the officers say they received a tip that the men may have entered a nearby apartment. A resident inside allowed officers to search, and all three suspects were found trying to hide on the floor in a rear bedroom. All three were taken into custody.

Police say they found the bandana, a knife, and a pellet gun that looked like a real handgun.

Arrested were Artemio Castillo, 18, of Wilmingon, Elvin Rojas, 18, of Wilmington and Ramiro Flores, 19, who lived in the Woodfield Apartments. Police say a picture of Flores was not available.

Police say all three suspects have been identified as gang members.

They taken to prison after failing to post bail.

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