Thousands of fish die in Bucks Co.

BUCKINGHAM TWP., Pa. - October 6, 2009 It resulted in a major fish kill.

Fisherman Ed Henry is mad. Robin Run is normally a small, clear stream in Buckingham Township, Bucks County is now knee-deep in suffocating muck. Trapped along its banks are dead and dying fish.

"I would say a minimum of tens of thousands of fish," said Ed Myers of the Delaware River Keepers Network. "There are places where you cannot step on a dead or dying fish."

Bucks County has permission to drain much of the water out of an upstream reservoir to fix a valve. Some fish were expected to die, but nobody counted on a major kill or the downstream mess.

A state fish and boat enforcement officer is now investigating and county officials are still trying to find answers.

Some people spent hours trying to save some of the dying fish.

"The streams filled with catfish and suckers, and I don't know what else struggling in the mud right now," said Rob Schmauck.

Fisherman Jeffery Choi says Bucks County officials ignored his earlier warnings of trouble. Last week, Choi put in a small boat in the draining reservoir to scoop up fish. For that he got in trouble with a ranger.

"He said 'Your boat is now confiscated' and he cited me with citation," Choi said.

At this point, there are more questions than answers about what happened. The state Department of Environmental Protection plans to have a biologist out there next Wednesday.

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