Swap books, CDs, DVDs, and games

April 26, 2010 9:57:27 AM PDT
Tara Goldenberg of Northeast Philadelphia loves cookbooks. She could easily spend hundreds of dollars at the bookstore to add to her collection, but instead, she gets her books from Swaptree.

Tara is one of 700,000 members of Swaptree.com -- a online community that allows people to trade Cd's, DVD's, books and video games -- for just the cost of postage.

Last year, the site had about one million trades.

"I have a wishlist, which probably has over 300 items on it," Goldenberg explains. "Just anything I hear about, and then I can also browse through the site and find different things that way, also."

Tara gets emails from the site when trades for items on her wishlist are available.

"We also allow for three-way trading," explains Swaptree's Carl Schwartz. "Which just opens you up to more possibilities, so if you have what I want but I don't have what you want, then there would be no trade, but when we bring the third person in, there's a lot more trades to do."

SwapTree members can either print out shipping labels generated by the site, or take care of postage and mailing on their own.

Shipping's usually two to three dollars.

Tara likes it so much, she's now collecting other people's old items to add to her trade list.

"Anything I don't want, anything that anyone doesn't want, like if friends and family have books that they're just going to give to the Salvation Army, I'll grab them from them and put them up there," she says.

"It feels good, you're saving money, you're getting things you want and it does feel good because instead of going out and buying something brand new, and using it once, you're recycling things that either you're not using or someone else isn't using," Schwartz explains.

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