Fashionable Medical Alert bracelets

SAN FRANCISCO - August 22, 2010

Elizabeth Torbit had an allergic reaction to seafood. Her doctor gave her specific orders to follow.

"To stay away from all shellfish as well as finned fish and to wear identification at all times because if it happens again, it'll be much faster and I won't be able to speak," Torbit says.

She started looking for a medical ID bracelet.

"I found your standard, stainless steel items. I found some other things that were interesting, but not really to my liking. Nothing really contemporary and chic or stylish."

So as an artist herself - who spent time working on animated films at Pixar - she set out to design and sell fashion-forward medical jewelry.

Elizabeth assembles each and every necklace and bracelet by hand. They are called My Flying Star and come engraved or with a simple "star of life" symbol to alert first responders in an emergency. There are three separate lines: leather, woven and metallic.

"I wanted to create some jewelry that people didn't feel like they had to wear but that actually the jewelry was so stylish that it would encourage them to wear it and their friends would ask, 'Wow that's a great new bracelet. What's it about?'"

Even friends without medical issues have become fans.

"I run most days before work in the morning so being a San Francisco resident and running on the streets and sidewalks, I think it's great to have an ID bracelet, just in case anything happens," said customer Michelle Fairbanks.

The jewelry costs about $35 per piece and can be custom fit.

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