Pure Barre: The Results

Philadelphia - Sept. 9, 2010

Michelle Sullivan and Jill Zirinsky both were looking to tone-up and both agreed to try Pure Barre. It's a fitness class new to Philadelphia that combines pilates, ballet and yoga. It promises you'll see results


Instructor and owner Noelle Zane said, "In 10 classes, we say people can see results."

So before their first class I measured Michelle, who had just had a baby and Jill, who is training for the Philadelphia Distance Run. Then I joined them to for their tenth class to see what it's like for myself. Each muscle group is worked until fatigued, focusing on the areas women typically struggle with such as the arms, abdominals, thighs and seat, or hips and buttocks.

And after each exercise we stretch (which I admit was my favorite part.)

Zane said, "That's what creates that long lean look."

Other women such as Rachel Matteo tell me they've seen results. "I lost a jean size in like two-and-a-half weeks," she said, adding, "My arms are definitely more toned then they were before, my stomach for sure, my butt, my legs, everything."

And according to my measurements, Michelle lost one inch from her waist, lost two inches from her hips, no change was seen in her arms, and in her thighs she gained a half-inch.

Jill shaved a half-inch from her waist and a half-inch from her hips, no change was seen in her arms and she also gained a half inch in her thighs, most likely due to more muscle mass. "I wouldn't say I feel a lot skinnier but I feel stronger," she said.

Jill also plans on taking the class again after her running race is over.

Michelle said she'll continue to take the class. "It's a total body workout which I didn't think it was going to be," she said.

Classes cost $23 for a 55-minute session. There is also a special for first-time customers in which $100 buys a month of unlimited classes.


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