NJ candidates Adler, Runyan on the economy

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - October 18, 2010

But the major party candidates in New Jersey's 3rd District, which stretches from Cherry Hill to the shore, agree on certain issues, like retaining the Bush tax cuts.

"I think we should retain the Bush tax cuts for middle class families, small business owners and keep dividend and capital gains tax rates down so we can keep reinvesting in our economy," Adler said.

"If you let them expire you are looking at the largest tax increase in American history. It's going to destroy the economy that's already been dragged down," said Runyan.

Runyan says the key to getting the economy moving again is to get government out of the way and he wants to extend the Bush taxs cuts for several years.

"To create the jobs, to get the systems moving again because right now truthfully because of what this Congress has created - everyone's sitting on their hands wondering what's going to happen down the road. There's no stability," said Runyan.

Congressman Adler says kick-starting the economy requires making things easier for families and businesses to save and invest.

"We have to make sure we cut back on red tape that gets in the way of business succeeding in our country, and I've been sponsoring legislation that does that for small businesses and for big companies," said Adler.

The two disagree on the success of the economic stimulus package and its effect on the economy.

Runyan says it was a failure, Adler says it helped stop the economy's free-fall.

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