Candlelight vigil shows support for Kensington victims

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - December 10, 2010

"You took my only daughter away from me, ok? I have two other kids, but it's not going to bring my daughter back. Nothing is," said Darrah Goldberg.

Darrah Goldberg emerged from her private mourning to send a public message to the man who murdered her daughter. Elaine Goldberg, found dead November 3rd, didn't need to die, and if she has anything to do with it, no one else will either.

"A motherly instinct, and I will go after you full force," said Goldberg.

Darrah wasn't alone in that sentiment. Angry and on edge amid a streak of assaults and killings, this crowd of people, armed with candles and a heightened sense of community, returned to the spot where another victim was found, and announced neither death would be in vain. They will catch the killer, they said.

"At the very least, we come out of this working harder to be brighter, and that we care for each other in this space and in this neighborhood," said Jeff Carpinetta.

The candlelight vigil took place at the very spot Nicole Piacentini's body was discovered November 13. Her family endured returning to the place she died, in part, to honor her life.

"My faith is pretty good. You know, it's a tough thing to swallow. It's like it is forced on to you," said Leo Keller.

The vigil comes as police continue what's become an intense man-hunt. A day after releasing surveillance video, thought to be the Kensington Strangler moments before a recent attack, investigators are following leads, and pleading for more.

Neighbors announced a $4,000 reward they hope may be more incentive for someone to come forward.

"She didn't deserve what happened to her. She really was an extraordinary person," said Careen Goldberg.

Though his capture won't undo what the killer did, the families of the strangler's victims say it would be a small dose of justice.

Elaine's half-sister, on her way to a school father-daughter dance, will have to live forever, now, with injustice.

"It's not fair, I shouldn't have to make this pit stop before I go to that dance, you know," said Careen Goldberg.

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