New workout combines boxing and Pilates

February 25, 2011 3:19:39 PM PST
There's a new workout coming to the Delaware and Lehigh valleys in a few weeks.

It's called Piloxing - a combination of Pilates and boxing - and it's already a hit with the Hollywood crowd.

Swedish-born Viveca Jensen is bringing her hot West Coast workout to our area. Her students are local fitness instructors who hope to take Piloxing back to their clubs.

Jensen, a Pilates instructor in Los Angeles, says the inspiration came one day when she was boxing for fun.

"When I found that I used my Pilates technique in my boxing training, I was like - 'A-ha!' - this is amazing to put together!" she said.

The workout then took off when she showed it to a Pilates client - actress Hilary Duff.

"She fell in love with it. She brought a lot of her friends there," said Jensen.

Most of the one hour class alternates boxing and Pilates segments with a few dance moves thrown in. The moves aim to strengthen the core - the essential muscles of the torso. Weighted gloves also help tone arms, and *heighten the cardio impact.

"I felt the whole energy of the three components," said Annette Drust of Lifesport Fitness in Fairmount.

Piloxing can be intense - Jensen says you'll burn 450 to 800 calories per class. However, it can be "geared down" for beginners.

If you don't see it at your gym soon, keep in mind that Piloxing DVDs are coming out in March.