Save with do-it-yourself Easter decor

April 13, 2011 8:40:42 PM PDT
For Easter, you could order decorated eggs from Wisteria for $24 dollars, a yard sign from Pottery Barn for $49, or nine cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma for $50 -- plus shipping.

Or, you could go to a local craft store, and make similar items yourself for a fraction of the price.

"Some of the things I saw, I couldn't belive the pricing of it, so it's all the more a challenge to make it." explains Robin Beam, director of education for A.C. Moore. Beam met us at the South Philadelphia store for a quick lesson.

Instead of the pricey decorated eggs, she showed me how to cut colorful Duck Tape into thin strips and use the strips to decorate styrofoam eggs. The tape sells for $6 a roll, the eggs $5 a half-dozen.

Instead of buying a $49 yard sign from Pottery Barn, Beam showed me how to make one using a small piece of plywood, and painting with acrylic paints that sell for less than $3 each. If you're not artistic, you can print simple pictures and lettering off the computer, trace them onto the sign using graphite paper and then paint.

Of course, you can't have Easter without food. And even if you've never taken a cake-decorating class, you can make beautiful cupcakes.

With a cupcake decorating kit , you can create all sorts of fancy icing designs to make decorated cupcakes.

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