Power outage plays tricks on Berwyn residents

BERWYN, Pa. - October 31, 2011

For the have-nots nighttime is a time to bundle up

"We are pretty cold. More blankets, sleeping in the sweatpants and the socks," resident Susan Sabouni said.

Most of the houses in the 700 block of Old State road remained dark.

Beginning in daylight a small army of PECO workers replaced poles and reconstructed the web of wires needed to bring power back.

During big outages crews work 16 hours on 8 hours off, then back on for another 16.

This part of Chester County known for its beautiful mature trees, lovely to look at but they often don't play well with storms and power lines.

"This is actually about the fourth time in the last two years where we lost power on this street for a substantial number of days," resident Lance Sabouni said.

Kristen Conrad's home on Old State stood out like a beacon in the sea of darkness.

With lights on, it seemed warm, inviting, and ready for trick-or-treaters.

Was it because of some sort of Halloween magic? Not quite. It was more the luck of the draw.

"We are on a different circuit. We have PECO from behind our house whereas our neighbors have PECO from in front of their houses and a lot of trees went down on the street and they knocked down the power lines in the front and everybody's still working hard to get power back on," Conrad said.

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