Medford mayor resigns amid reported sex scandal

MEDFORD, N.J. - December 5, 2011

The anonymous allegation against Republican Chris Myers, a father of two, included a photo of a man who appeared to be him in his underwear.

The person making the allegation claimed to be a prostitute. He said Myers contacted him through a male escort website and they met at a Newport Beach, Calif., hotel. He complained Myers paid him $500 but didn't fulfill promises of a car and other gifts. He said on the website that the broken promise was the reason he was taking his story public.

The website was taken down soon after becoming public.

Myers, in an interview with a reporter for the Courier-Post newspaper in October, refused to comment on the allegations but didn't deny them. At a November township council meeting, Myers denied the claims, calling the Internet "a murky, anonymous place."

His resignation letter submitted to town officials Monday did not mention the scandal.

"My work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead," Myers wrote.

Some other council members have complained that the allegations against Myers have gotten in the way of the business of the town of 23,000 residents about 20 miles east of Philadelphia. Myers missed one township council meeting and postponed another after the allegations surfaced.

Myers won the GOP nomination for a congressional seat in 2008 but lost the general election. He has been suspended as a vice president at technology manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp.

Myers' resignation letter:

Dear Mr. Manager and Ms. Clerk,

As someone who grew up in town and chose to raise my family here, as well, it has been an honor to serve Medford in an elected capacity since 2002, and I am proud of our many achievements during my tenure.

We have preserved thousands of acres of farmland and open space, ensuring Medford embarked on a smart growth strategy that will preserve the character and beauty of our town for generations to come.

We have implemented an energy cost reduction program by approving, at no cost to taxpayers, a solar power system to run the sewer facility. This Power Purchase Agreement will save local taxpayers millions of dollars for the life of the plant.

We have improved the quality of life for seniors in Medford by improving the Senior Center and working diligently to create age-restricted housing that allows seniors to stay in town after they retire and their children have grown.

We have kept Medford taxes low compared to similar communities, while maintaining quality services. Additionally, we have done our best to persevere through difficult economic and fiscal times that have adversely impacted both the public and private sectors since the 2008 recession hit.

In 2004 and 2007, Medford was devastated by floods that severely damaged Medford infrastructure and resident's property. I am particularly proud of my efforts during those difficult times in helping to coordinate our local response and working closely with our tremendous emergency services personnel to ensure no lives were lost during those horrible storms.

We have fought with state agencies to ensure Medford got its fair share of resources and infrastructure upgrades. The most notable project was upgrades to the Hartford Road-Route 70 intersection to allow a safer and saner commute for many residents, after a protracted 10-year fight with the State.

While much has been accomplished during the last 10 years, there will always be more to do and new challenges to face. At this time, I feel it's time to pass the baton, and allow others to take the reins and lead our town forward. My work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead. That is why, today, I am resigning from the Medford Township Council, effective immediately.

Medford has many intelligent, dedicated people who care about it, and I am confident our future is bright.


Christopher Myers

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