POLL: Father puts bullet through laptop

February 21, 2012 12:25:34 PM PST
The father who shot his daughter's laptop says he was trying to teach her a lesson about sharing too much information on Facebook. His critics say he's the one who crossed the line.

He's known to many as the angry dad who had enough then went viral. More than 28,000,000 people have now watched this video of Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop.

It was triggered by a rant that his daughter posted to her Facebook page: "'To my parents, I'm not your damn slave. It's not my responsibility to clean up your (expletive deleted).'" Jordan read on the video. "And I love this part, 'You could just pay me for (expletive deleted) I do around the house.' Seriously? Are you kidding me?"

Then Jordan began his response, "Pay you for chores, are you out of your mind?... Kid, you got it easy. Way easy. It's about to get harder."

Then he pulled out his .45 pistol and pumped his daughter's laptop full of lead.

The response was varied: "Disgusted with how he dealt with the situation." Wrote one critic. "Over the top," commented another.

But others were cheering him on, saying the tough love was right on target: "I salute you Tommy Jordan!!!" writes one supporter. "Tommy should run for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!" writes another.

Now Jordan is speaking out. In an email to ABC News, he writes: "to those who support the decision, we sincerely thank you and appreciate it when the crap hit the fan on the net, it was really awesome to be able to fall back on your comments and emails I believe everything I did was appropriate. However I also believe the freak occurrence that made the video go viral means the punishment accidentally outweighed the crime."

But he also takes aim at his critics: "Hey, you raise your children however you want. Mine don't have criminal records, don't fail classes, and they're polite (most of the time)."

Yet many wonder why Jordan didn't just take the laptop away. He said he's tried that before: "I said, 'If this happens again, I'll put a bullet through it.' It happened again."