Sell old jewelry, get 20% bonus on new

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

March 16, 2012 6:07:11 AM PDT
Jewelry styles, like clothing styles and lifestyles, change.

Harvey Rovinsky of Bernie Robbins Jewelers explains, "If you think that you have anything in precious metal lying around, and just doing nothing, this is an opportunity to turn it into cash."

Today (March 16, 2012) and tomorrow, Bernie Robbins jewelers in St. Davids, Pa., is holding a jewelry-buying event in conjunction with Circa -- an international firm that buys gemstones and precious metals. Not only can you get a check on the spot, if you want new jewelry, you'll get an automatic 20% bonus.

Rovinsky adds, "In addition to their generous offer, we at Bernie Robbins are offering 120% of whatever their offer is, if you convert to either a gift card or jewelry that you purchase. So it's really quite an opportunity."

The event differs from services offered at most gold-buyers in that Circa doesn't just weigh the metal, but also takes the value of pieces into consideration, and often re-sells antique jewelry, watches and flatware intact, instead of just melting them down.

"Much of the jewelry that is bought is re-sold and someone else gets an opportunity to wear something that meant something to you and your family," Rovinsky says. "And it just doesn't get tossed. It's re-sold and someone will enjoy it for another 50 years."

Rovinsky says at an earlier event in Cherry Hill, many customers walked away very happy.

"People have brought in their old sterling silver flatware and gotten thousands of dollars, many times much more than they paid originally for it," Rovinsky says.

To register for the Circa buying event, email or call 610-971-2446.

Bernie Robbins Jewelers is located in the Radnor Hotel at 595 E. Lancaster Avenue in St. Davids, Pa.