Pay 6 Forward: Mary from Chestnut Hill

May 22, 2012 3:10:03 PM PDT
Sometimes you never know when some good fortune will come your way...

I stood in a shopping plaza in Chestnut Hill, with my sign reading, "I'm giving away $600 ask me how"..I met a few people who seemed interested, and I explained the rules involved with all our Pay 6 Forward stories fell into place:
*You can't keep it yourself
*You can't be a relative or someone you live with
*The money needs to be a friend or a neighbor or someone from a church group who is going through a particularly hard time.
*They have to be available RIGHT THEN for the surprise!

Bryan Nath had just the person in mind.

"Well, I have a neighbor who has had a lot of water damage after Hurricane Irene."

Hurricane Irene hit and brought torrential rain and wind to our area in late August but some people are still affected.

"His kid lives right under the roof and his room is all torn up and insurance company isn't giving him any money."

Right there and then, we went to the home of Mary and Jeff Bundy.

"I saw Action News in the parking lot and asked if I could help anyone who would I choose and I thought of you guys because they have a program where they help people," said Mary Bundy of Chestnut Hill.

Mary and her son Sam were a little stunned when we explained the $600 surprise. "

"Oh that's great! Thank you so much. Thank you. That's quite a shock!"

Mary took us upstairs to see the hole right in the ceiling of her sons' room.

"Here it is. Have gotten it fixed twice but every time it rains, it keeps leaking."

They keep old blankets hanging over the ceiling trying to prevent pieces of debris from falling on her son's bed!

"If we didn't know it was going to rain that night, we jump out of bed and pull Jack's bed over."

Adding to the frustration, her son Jack has asthma and the wet ceiling seems to be affecting his breathing. So we Paid 6 Forward to Bryan and he gave Mary some help that she says came just in time, because she needs to pay for Summer Camp for her boys.

We also have a new part of our Pay 6 Forward series underway. Just follow this link and tell us how you plan to pay it forward. Action News just might show up to help with your surprise.