Local 7-year-old creates her own video game app

February 19, 2013 3:52:55 PM PST
A first grader from Harambee Science Charter School has made history.

7-year-old Zora Ball says her favorite online game is called Vampire Diamonds.

"You're supposed to get the ruby and the ballerina isn't supposed to get the vampire," Zora said.

But Zora's fondness for the game goes beyond her ability to routinely get the best of her mom and dad.

You see, she is the programmer who designed it.

That means this first grader goes down as the youngest person on record to create a mobile app video game.

Zora's parents couldn't be prouder.

"The fact that she can actually look at a computer and know how it's functioning, it amazes me," Zora's father Curtis Ball said.

Vampire Diamonds made its public debut a few months ago during a tech expo at the University of Pennsylvania.

It was there Zora met the man who actually designed the program that she used to create the game.

Zora's computer science teacher, Tariq Al-Nasir, says that programmer was a little skeptical that she created Vampire Diamonds, essentially, on her own.

"What she did impressed him so, so to really see if she grasped the concept, he asked her to make a change on the spot, and he was able to," Al-Nasir said.

Now, Zora's family and teachers say her achievement raises the bar in terms of what should be expected from youngsters in the classroom.

"My favorite part about this ordeal is that she's so young and you can see that it can be done," Curtis Ball said.

"With that confidence we can almost be sure that we'll have a tsunami of Zoras coming down the pipeline," Al-Nasir said.

Zora and Mr. Al-Nasir say Vampire Diamonds will be available as an online game by the end of this summer and you should look for the Vampire Diamonds App by the beginning of next year.