Bradley Cooper's alma mater rooting for Oscar win

FORT WASHINGTON - February 21, 2013

"He was a pretty understated kid. He was a hard worker, good writer, probably got an A minus in my Irish lit class," said Drewniany.

When he found out his former student was nominated for an Oscar?

"I left a voicemail for him saying there's something about being a teacher to have your student accomplish something it's like an uncommon kind of pride," said Drewniany.

'Doc' says it may just be urban legend, but he says he may have had a role in sparking Cooper's acting career.

"I know when I did this Irish lit class he acted in a video, supposedly that was the first time he acted," said Drewniany.

Gabrielle Russomagno is an art teacher at the school.

"I had a young Bradley Cooper in my art class but not as student, his girlfriend was in my art class so wherever there was Deb there was Brad," said Russomagno.

Was Cooper a heartthrob in high school?

"He was sort of pretty studly on campus. He may not recall it that way, he has a different story about his high school years," said Russomagno.

Russomagno remembers him as the ultimate scholar athlete

"So I think people were a little surprised when he went into acting because he had done none of that here," said Russomagno.

However his success hasn't surprised her one bit!

"He deserves to be an A list actor and to be nominated for an Academy Award - how about that Bradley Cooper," she said.

Russomagno will also be on the red carpet Sunday. Her husband, Paul Mezzey is the executive producer of 'Beasts of the Southern Wild.'

"And we have a best picture nomination, so Bradley is our competition in several categories," said Russomagno.

To all the local talent, nominated for Oscar gold, we're rooting for you.

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