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PHILADELPHIA - June 3, 2013 The eyebrow whisperer

The right eyebrows can make you look younger, fresher... and we found a woman named Ani White who is affectionately known at Deme in Center City as "The Brow Whisperer."

She says she has a 6th sense and can freshen your face in just a few minutes."

"It's like getting an eye lift, an instant eye lift, if you have the right brow shape," White says.

Her first piece of eyebrow know how: It's not what's "in"... it's what fits your face.

"It's your face. It's not a trend, not something you are trying to pull off for the season. Thin brows might look good on someone else, doesn't mean it looks right on you."

She says the biggest brow mishap is overshaping. The arcs above your eyes will never be an exact match, and Ani says many women often overtweeze in an effort to reach perfection!

"If you cut your face in half, it's asymmetrical," White points out. "So people have to try to not make them so perfect and end up ruining the entire brow... I say they will always be sisters, they will never be twins."

After a little trimming, tweezing and tinting, customer Barb Smedile has thin brows, Ani says never fill them in with a pencil because it ages the face. You should always go for a powder.

"Barb's brows are saying to me that she overtweezed at one point."

Ani also says time can cause the brows to droop, and Botox can help lift the arches. Her partner in brow crime, Maria Shafer, offers that service in-house as well.

"I can't believe it. It looks like! I have thicker arches and more defined eyebrows!"

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