Mrs. Fixit: CD Spindle Cases

June 16, 2013

With so many cables and cords to keep track of…use an old cd spindle case to help…it's the perfect size for cord storage… and you can mark the outside of the container so you know what cords are in there…

How about using it for a lunch box? It's the perfect size for a bagel sandwich on the go!

Flip the top …and you can use it for pens, pencils and desk storage..

Or, how about a small planter? Just fill it with potting soil and add a touch of green! As an added value you can see when the soil needs watering!

You can also use these in your workshop or craft room to store everything from nails and screws to beads and charms!

CD spindle cases are also perfect for storing ribbon or twine…

In a pinch …use can also use the base as a hanger..attach it to a wall and use the center spindle as a hook!

Creative uses for cd spindle cases. Try it! I'm Mrs Fixit and it's just that simple!

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