Sunday school teacher waives hearing on child porn charges

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. - January 15, 2014

54-year-old Steven Almond waved his preliminary hearing on possession of child pornography in Brookhaven, Delaware County and posted bail.

Detectives say they discovered more than 50 videos at his Parkside home … some with children who may be under age 5.

Almond is a deacon for Middletown Presbyterian Church and coached for the Upward Bound basketball league.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force caught onto Almond's alleged perversion back in June of 2013. The investigation began after they were able to track the download of explicit child pornography videos to a single computer.

Using that computer's IP address, they were able to identify Almond as the suspect after receiving information from his internet service provider.

Detectives then questioned Almond at his home and he allegedly confessed. Police say they seized computers, flash drives, CDs and DVDs.

Neighbors told Action News the 54-year-old lived with his brother.

"They were weird, to an extent you never really saw them," said neighbor Ken Bell. "You hear them come and go from work. Other than that, nothing."

"It just scares me to not know who your neighbors are," said Sharon LaValley. "There's a lot of kids in this neighborhood."

Investigators have other concerns. Almond isn't married and has no kids, yet he seems to gravitate towards children.

He lives across the street from Parkside Elementary School and teaches first grade Sunday school as a deacon at Middletown Presbyterian Church.

"The people that view it may also be those individuals that would be prone to commit crimes against children," said Whelan.

At this point, investigators say there is no evidence Almond assaulted any children himself, and he told investigators he has never done so.

We reached out to the both the Upward Bound youth organization and Middletown Presbyterian but have not heard back.

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