Bensalem basketball star Kevin Grow recalls buzzer beater

BENSALEM, Pa. - February 10, 2014

Bensalem High School's Kevin Grow was born with Down syndrome, but that has not stopped the 18-year-old from becoming a basketball star.

Kevin had been the team's manager the last 4 years, that was until he suited up for their final two games.

After scoring three points Friday in his debut Saturday on Senior Day, he scored a game high 14 points against Neshaminy including a three-pointer at the buzzer!

"I hit a buzzer beater and it was party time in the locker room," Kevin said.

They were partying in the Bensalem gym. Kevin was jumping up and down with his teammates after hitting 4 three-pointers in the final two minutes.

"You look around and you want to look for Walt Disney. I had my hands on my head. I was like, 'I can't believe I'm seeing this,'" Bensalem Basketball Coach John Mullin said.

When we played the video back for Kevin to watch, he was just as amazed.

"It's terrific," Kevin said.

"I think it was exciting enough just to see him walk out on that court and have his moment. But the fact that he was hitting those shots, it's still unbelievable," Kevin's mother Dorothy Grow said.

Bensalem decided to play Kevin as a thank you for all of his hard work.

He is no stranger to the basketball court. Kevin has won gold medals in the Special Olympics.

"It's special because when you have a child with a disability, you want him to have these special moments," Kevin's father Earl Grow said.

Not only is Kevin the basketball manager and basketball star, but he also works for the school's television station, OTN, where shoots football games.

Kevin hopes to become a sportscaster in the future. He is well on his way.

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