Art of Aging: Point-to-Point at Winterthur 2019

WINTERTHUR, Del. (WPVI) -- Point-to-Point at Winterthur is this Sunday. It's a day of horse racing, fancy hats, and antique cars.

Meet a former teacher charged with maintaining some of the Rolls Royces that will be on parade.

Louis Mandich,Jr. has had a fondness for antique cars his entire life.

'My father built me models of cars, antique cars when I was a little kid. I learned to name the various cars," he said.

Mandich kept his interest in cars as a hobby while pursuing a career in education.

"I got a job teaching 7th and 8th grade English in Coatesville, he added.

And he ran a side business with an old Chevy Pickup he bought in 1976.

"I delivered coal in the winter, mushroom soil in the spring," added Mandich.

When he retired, Mandich decided to reinvent the barn where he stored his trucks.

He opened Last Chance Garage in 1999. And antique cars are his specialty.

"And we just sort of did one or two cars at a time, and just word of mouth started to service cars," said Mandich.

His work is about preserving a piece of history for people to enjoy

He says for himself and a lot of customers, these cars link to family memories.

"This is a 1924 Willys-Knight Touring Car, but the reason that I really got it was because my grandfather, had, had one of them," added Mandich.

Mandich is a self-taught mechanic and credits his team for the garage's success.

"Each person that works here has overlapping skills," he said.

James Groome, Ase master technician, Last Chance Garage said, "And Lou is very well versed in the history of automotive design and basic technology."

"I learned a lot from Lou. I look forward to coming to work every day," said John Beard, mechanic at Last Chance Garage.

You can see Mandich's work this weekend at the Point-to-Point race which he's been attending for over a decade.

"And then I help Winterthur with their cars. I like to drive the old cars and you are never bored driving one," he said.
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