Back to school hacks to get organized and back to a routine

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As we approach September, you can feel the change in the air. Between the new school year and the end-of-summer shift, it's time to get back in gear.
We tapped local professional organizer Rose Miller to help us streamline our homes and our days with a few simple hacks.

"It really has to do with ownership and accountability creates sustainability. The morning routine is a crucial component," she said.

And she says it starts with self care.

"A biggest piece is giving yourself enough time - giving yourself 30 minutes ahead of the morning hustle. Fill your cup and your cup of coffee and enjoy it," said Rose.

Next, we all know the hustle that comes with kids getting dressed.

"Nothing will stop a moving train faster than the hemming and hawing over them making decisions on what to wear," said Rose.

The hack? Plan ahead with precision. Use a hanger and a bag for everything you need for every single day. It's like meal planning for the week, only it's clothes planning.

Next, packing lunches! They call her Rose Knows Where it Goes, and here's why.

Use and over-the-door shoe organizer to set aside the snacks for the week.

It's neat, organized, puts the kids in charge and saves space.

"So when you go buy in bulk, you use the pockets to store your bars and chips and snacks," said Rose.

If you don't have a door, use a bin in the pantry.

For the cold items, the same rule applies in the fridge with each snack labeled by day.

"It's really important for them to reach it and do it," Miller says.

To teach the little ones the importance of routine, Miller says visual cues work best. She likes "Do It" and "Done It" jars.

Each stick represents a task like making the bed, brushing teeth and getting dressed.

Once you do it, you move the completed task stick to the "done" jar.

"They feel accomplished. It's the same thing as adults - we love to check things off our list," said Rose.

She also loves little words of encouragement for the kids. She recommends packing notes in their lunchbox to let them know they are loved and appreciated. The goal is to start the day with self-care and end it with gratitude.
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