Adaptive bikes donated to children with special needs in Pennsylvania, Delaware

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Monday, May 4, 2020
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Adaptive bikes donated to children with special needs

For children, now more than ever, the ability to get out and get fresh air and exercise is important.

More than a dozen adaptive bicycles, custom fit for children with specific disabilities, were donated to children all across the region this weekend.

The donations came via Preston's March for Energy, based out of Delaware.

Their mission is to give every kid freedom, fun and physical exercise.

This weekend, that's exactly what they did for Maisy, who lives in Wilmington.

"We want her to feel included, we want her to feel on pace with everybody else," said Maisy's mother, Megan Graham. "Just seeing her face when she got her bike, that was it for me."

From areas in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the special adaptive bikes made their way to elated children.

Preston's March for Energy had to postpone its big fundraiser last month because of COVID-19, so they worked with some sponsors to make this weekend happen.

"After making a few phone calls and getting this cleared by the state of Delaware, we were given the okay to present these bikes to these children which has been so amazing for us," said Deb Buenaga, executive director of Preston's March for Energy.

There are more than 80 kids still on a waiting list, so Buenaga said they are busy trying to work some magic in these trying times.

They want to get all kids outside and keep those smiles coming.

In the past eight years, Preston's March for Energy has donated more than 400 bikes.