Company developing 5-drop, 20-minute blood test

SAN DIEGO, California (WPVI) -- A San Diego company is developing a device that could change the routine blood test.

Truvian's system would deliver results on 40 tests in 20 minutes - with just 5 drops of blood, and for about 50 dollars.

"Inside of here is essentially all the technology you need to do the chemistry," says Jeff Hawkins, Truvian's CEO.

Hawkins said the company has been quietly developing the test, but now is the time to share it with the world.

Instead of giving vials of blood and wait a day or more for results, his company says it will only need a finger prick or small withdrawal from the veins.

"It will allow you to get clinical chemistry, immunoassays, and hematology, which covers the range of blood tests that you really need to be able to do, says Truvian co-founder Kim Kamdar.

Unlike Theranos, which promised a revolutionary 1-drop test, but was exposed as a fraud, Truvian has a host of respected doctors and researchers working with it.

"We, from day one, got advisors who are clinicians, who are laboratory medicine specialists, who work in academia, who work in hospitals everydya, to be the people who are critiquing our work," says Hawkins,

It hopes to get the test out in 2021.
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