Bucks County to open COVID-19 vaccine sites at community colleges

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Vaccination sites are about to open at three Bucks County Community College locations, where county officials plan to provide 200 doses per day.

The county-run clinics start next week. They will run Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

It's getting a vaccine appointment which is proving to be a major issue.

Steve and Ilene Weiss were married on February 27, 1971. With their 50th wedding anniversary, the golden anniversary, soon approaching all their daughter Lauren wants is a chance for them to get the vaccine.

"The best present, I think, would be to get the 'golden' shot," said Lauren Aviram.

Aviram, who lives in New York City, has been constantly checking webpages for possible vaccine availability for her parents.

The Weiss', in their 70's, live in Southhampton, Bucks County and are checking daily for updates on COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

"I have a list here of all of the places I've wrote down that we've called. I even wake up at four o'clock in the morning," said Ilene Weiss.

But still no luck for the lovebirds.

It's a frustration felt throughout Bucks County, but not exclusive to the area.

"There are no excuses. We still need to make better progress, we need to do better," said Governor Tom Wolf in a press conference Thursday.

There is also frustration from Bucks County executives. The state opened the 1A category to those 65 and older, without increasing the allotment of vaccine. In total, the county receives about 3,000 doses a week.

"The county health department has gotten about 14% of all the vaccines that are coming in, there isn't any stockpiling, we are using them," said

Bob Harvie, Vice-Chair, Bucks Co Board of Commissioners.

The other 86% of vaccine shipments are going to pharmacies and hospitals in the area. With a majority of healthcare workers vaccinated, the county expects more of a balance in that distribution, with an increase to the amount the county board of health receives.

The county will be administering vaccines starting Tuesday to qualifying people with appointments, at all three Bucks County Community College campuses.

The mayor of Bensalem is offering up a senior center and even a vacant store in the Neshaminy Mall for possible vaccination sites, that is once the vaccine is in. Do not rush over there just yet.
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