Camden County police investigating series of paintball attacks

CAMDEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Police in Camden, New Jersey are trying to locate the culprits who were shooting off paintballs Wednesday night, claiming victims in as many as four separate attacks.

Matthew Johnson was waiting outside a Dominos on Broadway near Berkley when he suddenly found himself under attack.

"I just duck right behind the red light, I got hit in the back with a yellow paintball," he said.

Fortunately, his work bag took the brunt of the impact.

Because it played out on the eve of Halloween, Johnson didn't report the incident to police, but police say three other reported incidents happened in the same vicinity hours later, along Broadway and Chestnut Street corridors, followed by one more on 4th and Market.

"And next thing you know the guy drives by and just starts shooting at everybody. One just missed my face," said Cat.

Cat, who didn't want to give her last name, narrowly dodged being injured. She describes the ordeal as rapid-fire.

"There was like 15 of them at once... and they were frozen," she said.

"It appears they were randomly picking pedestrians and it may just have been for fun," said Lt. Vivian Coley with Camden County Police.

Prank or not, police released these stills of the suspect's car which is described as a light-colored sedan and having one male driver and 2 to 3 male passengers.

"They rolled their windows down, cracked it this much and just stuck the paintball guns out. He was just running red lights, left and right," said Cat.

Fortunately, police say no one from any of those incidents was seriously injured, but police do believe there could be more victims.

They also are tracking a person of interest.
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