Officials: 1 dead following crash that shut down Route 38 in Mount Holly, NJ

Officials say another person was injured but is expected to survive.
MOUNT HOLLY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Authorities are investigating a crash that has left at least one person dead in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

It happened around 10 a.m. Wednesday on the 1700 block of Route 38 near Savory Way.

Chopper 6 was over the scene as two vehicles were left overturned. Debris was also scattered all over the road and the median.

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Officials in Mount Holly, New Jersey, are investigating a crash that forced road closures on Route 38.

Officials have confirmed that one person has died from this incident.

The crash forced the closure of a portion of Route 38 in both directions to shut down for at least six hours.

Investigators put up sheets over the windows of both vehicles involved in the crash.

Police are still trying to figure out how it happened.

Those working in the area say speeding is a constant problem.

"At this light right here, this intersection, a lot of people do tend to go pretty quickly through the light or try racing or something of that nature," said John Franklin of Mt. Holly.

Action News talked to one resident who says his mom witnessed the incident.

"A car hit another car, and that car hit another car. It was like a three-car collision," said Markeith Bryson. "One of the cars flipped over and went into the little drainage ditches right there. The other one, as you can see, is upside down. I heard that it was on fire for a second."

The Burlington County District Attorney's Office is the lead agency on the case.

They will not confirm a third car was involved but tell Action News another person was injured but is expected to survive.

Those working nearby say they didn't hear or see the collision but knew something was wrong when they saw emergency crews racing to the area.

"I am not surprised. I have been at the store for about three years now, and I want to say I have probably seen 10 accidents at this point," said Franklin.

It's a scene that no one wants to see in their community, but residents say it's a reminder of just how dangerous the roads can be.

"This is a place where people need to slow down. People are in such a rush, but they need to slow down. Somebody ends up getting hurt and killed," added Bryson.

Police are reviewing surveillance in the area to see if it captured the incident. Anyone driving in the area at the time is urged to call Mount Holly police.

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