Mystery shoppers uncover surprises about local grocery chains

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Thursday, December 10, 2015
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Checkbook Magazine surveyed consumers and did its own mystery shopping to compare prices at local supermarkets.

Mystery shoppers at Checkbook Magazine uncovered some surprising secrets about local supermarket chains, and the results might just have you switching where you choose to buy food for your holiday meals.

Checkbook Magazine surveyed consumers and did its own mystery shopping to compare prices.

It shopped a list of 150 items at various chains all across the Delaware Valley, and what it found may surprise you.

Depending on your regular supermarket preferences, you might want to head elsewhere!

First up is Aldi.

"You could potentially do all of your grocery shopping there, but you'd have to get used to buying brands you've never heard of before," said Kevin Brasler from Checkbook Magazine.

But the savings are incredible - 45 percent cheaper than a traditional grocery store! And even 20 percent less expensive than the next cheapest alternative - Walmart.

"If you're looking to save as much as you possibly can on groceries, Aldi is something to look at," said Kevin.

As far as price, among the traditional chains, Checkbook Magazine found....

"Pathmark's the highest priced store, then Acme, then Giant and ShopRite," said Kevin.

If price isn't a consideration and quality is king, Checkbook Magazine says Whole Foods should be your supermarket of choice.

But if you're looking for the winner in terms of the combination of great quality and great prices, look no further than Wegmans. It is by far the highest rated chain in Checkbook's surveys.

"Its customers love it. It's so much more highly rated than the next chain down is. It's really surprising to us every time we get these results, Wegmans' customers love it and on top of that it's offering low prices," said Kevin.

Click here for free access to Checkbook Magazine's full supermarkets report.

The magazine is giving 6abc viewers free access for the next two weeks.