From Patagonia to Allbirds, more brands are making clothing from plastic

Some of your favorite popular clothing brands are already making a big impact when it comes to recycling.

They are turning actual pieces of trash into fashion treasure.

"I think it's really important to give back to the economy instead of the landfill," says professional organizer Rose Miller, of Rose Knows Where it Goes.

As it turns out, some pretty popular brands are making it easy for us to do both at the same time.

"There are so many different companies that recycle plastic into new products," Miller says. "Patagonia has been making fleeces out of plastic for years."

They were ahead of trend.

Patagonia has been making clothing out of recycled plastic soda bottles since 1993, becoming the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to turn trash into trendy outerwear.

"Somewhat new to the scene is Rothy's," she says. "They make gorgeous shoes out of recycled plastic."

To date, Rothy's has repurposed nearly 13 million plastic water bottles, creating not just shoes, but handbags, too.

Allbirds makes its laces out of recycled plastic bottles, shoes out of trees , and flip-flops from sugar cane.
Aerie's new swimsuits are made from 1 million recycled plastic bottles.

Everlane's ReNew line of jackets and sweaters is made from them as well.

"Mindfully being a conscious consumer is crucial," Miller says.

Green Toys says "every day is Earth Day."

All of their items are made from 100 percent recycled materials, mostly recycled milk jugs.

They say by using recycled plastic and turning it into a toy, children understand what their efforts can produce.
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