Wilmington woman goes home after spending 70 days in the hospital recovering from COVID-19

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- 57-year-old Stacy Henry spent 55 days in the hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.

Then, she spent another two weeks in a rehabilitation facility in Dover. On Thursday, she went home after recovering from COVID-19.

Henry was admitted to the hospital on March 13 after collapsing at home.
She had been sick in the days prior, but doctors twice sent her home telling her she was suffering from strep throat.

Henry spent weeks in the hospital in intensive care.

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"I just got worse and worse, and then, the pain got worse and worse and I couldn't breathe," she told Action News. "And a couple days, I don't know how many days went by. I would just see the sun would go up, and the sun would go down. And I was scared. It was just real painful."

She said the experience was incredibly lonely because family could not come to see her during those 70 days she was receiving care.

Thursday was the first time she saw her adult children and husband in person.

Henry explained that she was not sure she could survive COVID-19.

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"It was hard, and I just thank God because I wanted to give up because it was just really hard. It was really hard. And I finally got a chance to FaceTime my kids and my husband to tell them that I love them because I just didn't know," she said.
She said she is so thankful to the hospital staff who helped her recover. She still doesn't have feeling in her feet, but she's grateful to be going home.

"I am better. And I am thankful. And God just said, 'not yet. I got work for you to do.' So, I am here, and I am going home!" Henry exclaimed.

She and her family warn of the seriousness of the disease. They are urging everyone to take it very, very seriously, to social distance, and wear a mask.

Henry told us, "Please, please this is serious. I, to this day, don't know who or what or how I got sick so please listen, wear your mask."


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