4th Street Face-Off: 92-year-old gives her take on DNC

QUEEN VILLAGE (WPVI) -- 92-year-old Annabell Mogul of Robbinsville, New Jersey watched Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech hoping it would help her make a decision for November.

"I watched her until twelve o'clock last night," Mogul said.

Clinton's speech Thursday night was watched by many at Famous 4th Street and the reactions are as varied as the food orders.

Democrat Karl Turner says he's concerned with how he believes Clinton handled Benghazi.

"This may be my first time not voting for a president," Turner said.

Turner's not the only one struggling with a decision.

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"It's hard to believe everything she says," Marvin Hoffman of Queen Village said.

Undecided, independent voter Ahmed Bahgat is leaning toward voting for Hillary Clinton after hearing from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"After Bloomberg's speech during the DNC, that really kind of swayed me," Bahgat said.

Democrat and political fundraiser Aubrey Montgomery believes her candidate accomplished her mission this week.

"To convince that her vision of America is positive, that she has detailed policy, that it is going to be a productive, unifying campaign," Montgomery said.

And back to Annabell Mogul. As of this morning, she's made a decision.

"[Clinton] seemed so sure of herself and she made me feel sure of her and myself. And that's why I'm going to vote for her," Mogul said.
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