Custody dispute over frozen embryos sparks statewide outrage

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Saturday, January 25, 2020
Arizona passes new law after woman loses custody of frozen embryos in divorce
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An Arizona Supreme Court ruled a woman must donate her frozen embryos after an agreement signed in her divorce.

A high profile custody dispute that played out in Arizona is leading to statewide outrage and now a new law.

The dispute is about frozen embryos and a divorced couple who disagreed about what to do with them.

Arizona's Supreme Court ruled this week that Ruby Torres must donate her 7 embryos, which effectively ends her legal fight to use them.

Torres was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, but went through In vitro fertilization with her then-husband before beginning chemotherapy.

The couple signed an agreement back then saying, in the event of a future divorce, both parties would need to consent to use the frozen embryos.

The divorced and Torres wanted them, but her ex-husband did not.

The case not only sparked outrage, but it has prompted Arizona to pass a new law late last year.

It now says in the case of divorce, the state must award frozen embryos to the spouse who plans to use them.

The other spouse would not be required to pay child support.

In Torres' case, they signed an explicit agreement, which is why the law she inspired did not apply to her.